Manuel Clavel
Born October 16th 1979 in Madrid, Spain. Resident in Stuttgart, Germany since 1984. Nationality: Spanish Languages: Native German and Spanish, fluent English, conversational Italian.
Since Summer 2004
Freelance artist April 2004 SFX intern in Morocco at the Ouazazate set of "Kingdom of Heaven". February 2004 Graduation (German Diplom) as Communication Designer at the Merz-Akademie Stuttgart. March 2002 6months internship at Milla & Partner. Job description: illustrating, design, story/moodboards. February 2002 Completed 4th semester, equals degree as BA. Fall 2001 Start as freelance artist, lettering for Carlsen Comics. March 2000 Beginning of studies at the established Merz-Akademie in communication-design. July 1999 General qualification for university entrance (Abitur) at the "Remstal Gymnasium Weinstadt", intensive courses English and fine arts.
Working experience: Free illustrating, character design, storyboarding, lettering. Moreover knowledge in graphic design, typography, web design, photography. Computer knowledge: Use of PC and Apple platforms, WACOM boards; Experienced in Photoshop, Quark XPress, Director, Freehand, Dreamweaver, HTML, Flash, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut, Studio3D Max. Artistic abilities: Pencil, Indian/drawing ink, marker, chalk, charcoal, crayon, acrylic paint, (de)collaging, etching.